Founded in 1925 by Marcello Pagliero, the weaving factory was established in Settimo Torinese, an industrial town, up north of Turin.His aim was to perpetuate the family tradition of producing precious textiles, such as brocades, cleverly hand-weaved by the local artisans.All secrets of the weaving, were carefully handed down until now.Nearly a century old, the company is now run by the "third" generation of the Pagliero's family and the premises have been moved in Cuneo.When contemporary style seamlessly blends with ancient tradition and one family's dream is nourished with an extraordinary passion and modern vision, original and high quality products comes to life.The main boast of the company is to keep producing fabrics weaved with its original eighteen century's looms, so that individual gold, silver and silk thread can reproduce a unique fabric, the brocade.On the other hand, contemporary looms are used to make lampases and damasks.All Marcello Pagliero's fabrics are renowned for their softness and strength and are destined to be used for furnishing and decorating palaces, theaters, famous homes, but also for church vestments.




















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